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Common Code Violations

24 Hour Parking/Parking Violations
A vehicle may be parked on the street as long as it is moved once every 24 hours.

Pets are to be kept in a fenced yard, or walked on leashes and may not run loose.

Pet owners are required to quiet the excessive, loud barking or crying by dogs that can be disturbing to other neighbors.

Animal--Pooper Scooper
It is a violation for a pet owner to allow their animal to defecate or poop on another's property or failing to clean or pickup after their pets

Bulky Trash Violation
It is a violation of the Dallas City Code to place brush and bulky trash items at the collection point earlier than 7:00 AM on the Thursday proceeding the collection week.

Garage Sale
A city resident can only have two garage sales per year. Each sale is limited three days in length.

Graffiti Private Property
Graffiti on private property such as a business or a residence--including the fence around the property--must be removed.

High Weeds
It is a violation for weeds or grass to grow over 12 inches tall on private property.

Illegal Fence
It is a violation to have a fence constructed of barbed wire; illegally placed (beyond the building line, 2-foot set back required); too high (4-foot limit in the front, 6-foot in rear); or sub-standard/falling down.

Illegal Garbage/Placement
It is a violation to leave the garbage container in the front all the time.

Political signs on private or public property may only be put up 30 Days before an election and must be removed 10 days after an election.

Substandard Structure
Buildings, including detached garages, storage buildings or carports must be painted and free from broken windows and torn screens.

Water Conservation Violation
It is a violation to water during any form of precipitation, and to water a landscape or lawn in a manner that wastes water or causes runoff. Watering lawns or landscapes is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. from June 1-Sept 30.

Click here to view the complete volume of the Dallas City Codes.

If you observe code violations, call 3-1-1 or access the City of Dallas 311 System on-line.

Common Code Violations

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